“All living systems are interconnected and mutually dependent.”     Humboldt

You are requested to consider being a featured presenter at:

The Planet Humboldt Ideas Summit, September 14th, 2019.  MISSION:

  • Feature those who strive to promote the mutual dependence of living systems.
  • Honor people from far and wide who exemplify the lasting vision of Alexander von Humboldt on his 250th birthday.
  • Generate action steps for individuals and organizations to further

resilient communities and a vital planet.

  • Bring notoriety to the Redwood Coast as a leader in the human-nature bond.

Planet Humboldt events will occur in Eureka, California. Your presentation will be shared at the Planet Humboldt Ideas Summit with video networking linking local and world-wide experts. Your participation would contribute greatly to expanding the work of dedicated and knowledgable people around the globe. Our Guiding Principles:

The Gaia Principle: The earth exemplifies the characteristics of a living organism.

The Influence of Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) : His original insights revolutionized western thought and inspired Darwin, Emerson and Muir.

Rotary International 4 Way Test for service: Is it true? Is is fair to all concerned? Will it build friendships and better relationships? Will it be beneficial to all?

With these guiding principles in mind, consider how your work addressed these topics:

  • How does your work demonstrate the interdependence of human and natural systems? How can communities demonstrate this link?
  • In what ways does your work express fairness and benefit to all?
  • What action steps can be taken to build service to humanity and a vital earth?

Please consider how you can help Planet Humboldt further our common goals. Contact us directly for more information. Thanks you for your consideration and participation.

Service Unites!

Andy Barnett

Planet Humboldt  Coordinator   andy@planethumboldt.org    707 223 1626