Acts of Nature - A Call to Performers

A big part of Planet Humboldt is the Acts of Nature culture festival. You are invited to be part of this central element of Planet Humboldt. We are celebrating the 250th Birthday of our namesake, Alexander von Humboldt, the originator of the holistic ecological concept of nature, and mankind’s place within the web of life. Our staff will help match your act with a variety of venues hosting Acts of Nature on September 13th and 14th. The theme of Acts of Nature is community spirit and the power of art to unite people with the natural world. Over 200 years ago von Humboldt traveled world wide, conceived our modern unified vision of nature, and revolutionized the western view of science and culture. He saw the essential unity of the human spirit and the natural world. A select group of performers speaking to these themes will be featured at the Planet Humboldt Fire of Life Awards Reception at the Sequoia Center September 14th.